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When taking tests on Blackboard:
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  • Once you enter the test you MUST complete the test and hit the Submit button!  You can NOT open, close, and then re-enter the test!  DO NOT open the test to look at the test and/or print the test.  If you do, when you close the test, you'll be locked out.  You must contact your instructor to clear the attempt.  The TLC can NOT reset your test without the permission of your instructor.

  • DO NOT hit the back button or attempt to print the test.  Your test will be recorded as an unsuccessful attempt.  The TLC can NOT reset your test without the permission of your instructor.

  • Use only a supported browser (we recommend Internet Explorer 6.0...Do NOT use Internet Explorer 7.0!)

  • Check the browser settings to ensure that cookies and java are enabled.

  • Turn off the “pop-up” blockers.

  • Clear the cache (Temporary Internet files) in your web browser before beginning your session.

  • Temporarily turn off firewalls while working in Blackboard.

  • Cookie settings (security) should be set at medium or low.

  • Turn off web accelerators while working in Blackboard.

  • Remove 3rd party toolbars such as Yahoo and Google.

  • Know your ISP session time out.  Keep a separate browser window open and, now and then, click on it.

  • Close other applications running on your computer.  DO NOT multitask while taking an exam.  DO NOT upload or download to other applications or websites.

  • DO NOT chat with friends on a messenger application while taking the exam.

  • DO NOT listen to music on a media player on your computer.