Technology Training Sessions and Workshops

The TLC provides hands-on, online and self-paced workshops and tutorials for faculty and staff. In addition, you can schedule for a one-on-one training session by calling the TLC at 431-8959 (press 2) or emailing code64://|GkcGTlRDQBsES0dPSlJJHFJKRU5DSlZmVVNIX0JTUkVOQ1VVCENCUwQYUkpFTkNKVmZVU0hfQlNSRU5DVVUIQ0JTGglHGA==|38|/.

To register for a workshop follow these steps:

  1. Check the schedule below for days and times.
  2. Read the descriptions for more information about the workshop.
  3. Register for the workshops by emailing code64://|J3o7c2l+fSY5dnpyd290IW93eHN+d2tbaG51Yn9ub3hzfmhoNX5/bjklb3d4c353a1tobnVif25veHN+aGg1fn9uJzR6JQ==|27|/.  We will send you a confirmation by email.  You may register for more than one workshop at a time.

    Technology Training and Resource Library:
    Training materials are available for checkout to faculty and staff. Visit the TLC or contact code64://|GUQFTVdAQxgHSERMSVFKH1FJRk1ASVVlVlBLXEFQUUZNQFZWC0BBUAcbUUlGTUBJVWVWUEtcQVBRRk1AVlYLQEFQGQpEGw==|37|/ for a complete list of resources and training materials.  For other training tutorials and resources on the web, click here.

    TLC Fall Semester Open House 
    Web 2.0 Technologies   


Coming in September 2007 - Online Tutorials on Blackboard
Learn at your own pace

  • Office 2007 -  Word,  PowerPoint,  Excel  and Outlook 
  • PhotoShop CS2
  • Illustrator CS2
  • DreamWeaver 8
  • Flash 8
  • Basic HTML & Web Design
  • Internet Basics
  • File Management Basics


To enroll any any of the online self-paced tutorials on Blackboard, email your request to code64://|E04PR11KSRINQk5GQ1tAFVtDTEdKQ19vXFpBVktaW0xHSlxcAUpLWg0RW0NMR0pDX29cWkFWS1pbTEdKXFwBSktaEwBOEQ==|47|/