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Anita Kham and Tom Bouton - Student-aides

The Teaching Learning Center aspires to promote active teaching and learning by making current instructional technologies available and accessible to the faculty and professional staff at Dutchess Community College. The Center serves as a resource and support center where faculty and professional staff can obtain access to and technical assistance and training for software used for course-related purposes. We provide a central facility for academic departments, faculty, and professional staff to enhance, present, organize and manage their course content and administrative materials through the use of various technologies. We have equipment, software, training sessions, and student partners to assist faculty and staff with the design and creation of multimedia instructional materials for both traditional and online courses. The Teaching Learning Center can assist with:


  • Planning and Layout: Preparing to enhance a traditional classroom course with a multimedia or format.
  • Component Design and Development: Creating a new online feature or component of a traditional or online course.
  • Course Conversion to Online Formats: Adapting a face-to-face course to a partially or completely online format.
  • Course Design and Development: Design and development of a new online course, tutorial, or lesson.
  • Accessibility: Making a course accessible for students with disabilities.


The Teaching Learning Center provides a computer lab and a software tutorial and resource library located on the lower level of the Francis U. and Mary F. Ritz Library in Hudson Hall. The computer stations and multimedia software are available for use by the faculty and professional staff. This is YOUR lab. The lab is staffed by motivated and courteous DCC student partners in technology with computer and multimedia experience. Partners can answer questions about and assist with a wide variety of software issues ranging from creating electronic course presentations and online learning modules to creating and editing video and audio files, designing academic web sites and organizing course-related content on Blackboard. The partners are available for assistance Monday - Friday, 9:30am - 5:00pm in H232 or by appointment. It is advisable that you phone in advance, 431-7659 (press 2), to check on the availability of staff and the multimedia computer stations.


Regardless of your technical skills, we’re here to assist and empower you with technology for your classroom management and content delivery.

Julio Bezzera - Student-aide

Partnerships in Technology

Janice Mahoney - Student-aide
Nick Wellcome and Tom Bouton - Student-aides

The Teaching Learning Center (TLC) Partnerships in Technology provides participating Dutchess Community College students with the practical career experience in the analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation of technology in a professional work environment. Student partners learn to plan, customize and incorporate technology in the workplace. They are provided the opportunity to acquire professional critical analysis, planning, organizational, management, communication, social and operational career skills in a real departmental setting. This career-focused program involves student-centered learning and is based on the University Of Akron College Of Education’s e-Portfolio in Instructional Technology design and the self-determination and intrinsic motivation models designed and researched by Richard Ryan and Edward Deci, Department of Clinical and Social Services in Psychology, University of Rochester.

Debbie Ann Martin - Student-aide
Desmond Gomez and Aaron Chuckoo - Student-aides


“To be self-determined is to endorse one’s actions at the highest level of reflection. When one is self-determined, people experience a sense of freedom to do what is interesting, personally important, and vitalizing.”

-Ryan and Deci


Student partners will complete the program with a practical understanding of the role and use of technology in their professional area of specialization and complete a professional resume and e-Portfolio that demonstrates their knowledge of technology in the workplace. Find out more about the Partnerships Program and how the faculty and staff of DCC can benefit.


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Shail Gangwar and Nick Wellcome - Student-aides