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Listed in order of most recent.  If you have a site you'd like to recommend, email Nancy Wozniak - code64://|CFUUQF1AWFEJFnpVWldNFGNbTlpdVV8YFHBdRlFXQFtGFGB4dxt7WlhdWlEUcVBBV1VAXVtaFHdbW0ZQXVpVQFtGFhRcRlFSCRZZVV1YQFsOQ1tOWl1VX3RHQVpNUEFAV1xRR0caUVBBFgo5Pj09Q1tOWl1VX3RHQVpNUEFAV1xRR0caUVBBCBtVCg==|52|/









Misunderstood Minds - PBS Series.  Parents, teachers, and students looking for the scientific explanations behind learning differences and strategies to aid success in school can find both on the companion Web site for Misunderstood Minds. The site includes profiles of the students in the documentary, as well as sections on Attention, Reading, Writing, and Mathematics. Interactive activities, called Experience Firsthand, are designed to give site visitors a sense of what it may be like for a student struggling with a basic skill.


GEM Gateway to 21st Century Skills - Thousands of lesson plans and other teaching and learning resources at your fingertips!  Use the Search field to the GEM catalog at the top of the far right column.  Type in your course subject or topic.  A MUST SEE!  Use with Merlot.  All content is OpenSource Courseware...faculty sharing with faculty for the sake of excellence in education. 

Student Learning Resources at SFSUFaculty can use these online interactive tutorials as a supplement to learning to help prepare students for success in the classroom.  

Faculty Development Programs at Michigan State University - This fully-loaded web page focuses on resources for designing fully online courses and “hybrid” courses that include both in-classroom and online instruction. The links below provide multiple sources of information and examples from college and university websites worldwide, including links to Michigan State University’s technology support system.  (Notice - They link to our own SUNY Learning Network - SLN)

Mindomo -  a versatile Web-based mind mapping tool, delivering the capabilities of desktop mind mapping software in a Web browser - with no complex software to install or maintain.  Create, edit mind maps, and share them with your students, colleagues or your friends.

Merriam-Webster Online - More than just an online dictionary, Merriam-Webster Online features word games, The Daily Word, The Daily Crossword Puzzle, History of a Word, The Daily Podcast, etc.  The offer a free Spanish to English Dictionary and The Spelling Bee Hive, a prep and practice game for National Spelling Bee contestants and for those who want to improve their spelling abilities.

Merriam-Webster On Your iPod?
iPREPpress knows there are more uses for the world’s most popular hand-held device than just music—so they’re launching a Merriam-Webster dictionary especially formatted for the iPod. Great navigation and easy-to-read text make the iPod a terrific learning tool, and a convenient way to study and learn while on the go.

What is Instructional Design and why is it like building a sandwich? 
Find out at Terra Community Colleges ISD site.

This site offers resource links about instructional design. 


Merlot -  -  Learning modules and objects that will enhance your online course. Browse around and's free! 
Quia -  - Free Concept Games and Drills shared by other instructors
Try Angel!  Request a sandbox at
Open Courseware in an IPod - Stanford on ITunes U    •   Berkley on ITunes U
Go2Web2.Net - The complete Web 2 Directory