Dr. Mary Louise Van Winkle

Professional Staff Development and Instructional Technology Center


If you would like to make an appointment please call during office hours (845) 431-8959 (Press 2) or send an e-mail to code64://|JHk4bHFsdH0lOl11eXF0OGxwfThMfXl7cHF2fzhUfXlqdnF2fzhbfXZsfWo4eWwiOGx0e3B9dGhYa212YXxtbHtwfWtrNn18bTo4cGp9fiU6dXlxdGx3Imx0e3B9dGhYa212YXxtbHtwfWtrNn18bSdrbXpyfXtsJV5qd3U4bHB9OExUWzhvfXprcWx9OjhrbGF0fSU6e3d0d2oiOygoKCgoKCNsfWBsNXx9e3dqeWxxd3YibXZ8fWp0cXZ9IzombHR7cH10aFhrbXZhfG1se3B9a2s2fXxtJDd5Jg==|24|/. Sessions can be held in the TLC or in your office. We will customize group training sessions to fit your department needs...our place or yours.

Because of the growing demands on the TLC, please schedule an appointment if you are in need of technical support. This will permit us to give you our undivided attention. For more information contact:


General Information:

Teaching Learning Center
Hudson Hall Room 232
(845) 431-8959


Current Student Staff:
Tom Bouton
Michael Dinapoli
Donielle Haughton
Jocyln Wallace
Debora Yebouet


Former Student Staff:
Kate Archibald
Julio Berreza
Aaron Churkoo
Shail Gangwar
Desmond Gomez
Unita Kham
Janice Mahoney
Debbie Ann Martin
Nicholas Wellcome