TLC Updates

TLC Open House 
Web 2.0 Technologies featuring Second Life.   
May 10 - May 18. 
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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Vassar College on Second Life    

Coming in June 2007 - Online Tutorials on Blackboard
Learn at your own pace


Microsoft Word 2007
Microsoft PowerPoint 2007
Microsoft Excel 2007
PhotoShop CS2
Illustrator CS2
DreamWeaver 8
Flash 8
Basic HTML & Web Design
Internet Basics
File Management Basics
  To enroll any any of the online self-paced tutorials on Blackboard, email your request to code64://|MG0sZH5pajEuYW1lYHhjNnhgb2RpYHxMf3lidWh5eG9kaX9/ImloeS4yeGBvZGlgfEx/eWJ1aHl4b2Rpf38iaWh5MCNtMg==|12|/
Add Audio to your Blackboard enhanced course and/or your online course.
Using audio enhances the power of communications and learning opens a whole new channel for connecting with your studentsFind out more >


Recommended Journal and Webinar -   A New Way of Thinking About Technology:An Interview with Futurists Joel Barker and Scott Erickson - May 17, 4:00 PM  (Free)